ND Nordic Design is a Finnish company established driven by high interest towards beautiful and modern Nordic design.

We are inspired on good design and quality, not forgetting beauty, daily functionality and ecological matters. We want to bring new and different lifestyle and decoration products to consumers through our dynamic and fast-growing retailer network.

If you are interested to get your products and solutions to the new markets, please contact us and we will gladly tell you more!


The idea to start a company was born when we were living in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2016 we attended a local small market event, À la London Designmarknad, in the Haga district of Gothenburg. The event featured a wide variety of small producer products for purchase such as paintings, jewellery, decoration and handicrafts. We paid attention to a small sales table where was various and absolutely stunning paper products and greeting cards for sale. After discussing with the person, it turned out that she was an artist who had designed the cards and printed them in a small printing house in the Gothenburg area. She only had a few dealers in Sweden where the cards could be bought. The discussion led to the idea of ​​how we could get products available to Finnish consumers, and that’s what this company started from. A wonderful thought and thing can start with something very small, driven by chance and destiny. Now we have expanded our imports with the aim of bringing new and different products available to consumers through our retailer network .


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ND Nordic Design
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